Theme: Managing the Urban Nexus-Implications for Durban."

Sub-Theme 1

Walking the Nexus Talk


 Walking the nexus talk

Bridging Worlds Project.pdf
Complexities around Public Private Partnerships within the Circular Economy - Case Study Durban South Africa.pdf
Durban Research Action Partnership (DRAP) .pdf
Testing sustainable non-sewered sanitation prototypes in Durban, South Africa .pdf
​​Sub-Theme 2

Can the urban nexus approach be recognized as a tool to deliver on global agendas  including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), New Urban Agenda (NUA), and  the Paris Agreement)? 


 Urban Nexus Approach

Analysing the eThekwini green economy to its dynamic and complex components for identifying leverage points.pdf
Cities and climate change synergies and trade-offs A South African perspective .pdf
Constructing a water-society-space trialectic for water governance in the uMngeni Catchment.pdf
Urban Nexus strategy-an approach to attain water hunger and energy in SDGs.pdf
Sub-Theme 3

​​Partnering with Communities for Resilience


 Partnering with communities for resilience.

An Analysis of The Developmental Challenges and Opportunities Facing Small-Scale Farmers In Ethekwini.pdf
Buffelsdraai Landfill Site Community Reforestation Project.pdf
Data justice for development- The co-production of knowledge in Quarry Road West informal settlement.pdf
Subsistence Marine Fishing in a Neoliberal City.pdf