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Oceans Economy Webinar: Maximising eThekwini’s Competitive Advantage – The Ocean
eThekwini has about 100km of coastline. The Ocean and coastal ecosystem provide direct and indirect benefits to the economy of eThekwini through trade, energy, tourism as well as human livelihoods, food security and job opportunities. It is therefore, a critical sector for the city and its citizens due its contribution to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. 

Against this backdrop, eThekwini Municipality’s Economic Development Unit in partnership with Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE), hosted a Webinar on the Oceans Economy Webinar.

Mr Shunnon Tulsiram, Head of Economic Development and Investment Promotion, welcomed participants to the Webinar. He mentioned the importance of the platform and how it will help participates to understand the concept of the ocean economy. 

“Working together towards identifying the opportunities for Ocean Economy and the benefits, adapting a systemic way to improve the way we work,” said Mr Tulsiram

Mr Takalani Rathiyaya provided the delegates with the workshop objective. He highlighted on how the webinar is there to help connect and network with each other.

Ms. Nomalanga Sokhela presented on the importance of the Oceans Economy.
She said, “A sustainable coastal and Ocean Economy development will thus require all players to jointly vision, plan, budget, implement, report, monitor and evaluate the sector. This will ensure the use of critical infrastructure to grow the market and improve and export capabilities economy.

Incorporating lessons from the Green Economy to Oceans Economy: Dr. Magash Naidoo, provided lessons from the green economy:
  • Linking to existing work;
  • Different approaches for economic and technical work;
  • Platforms are important;
  • Programmes and deadlines.
The webinar focused on maximising eThekwini’s competitive advantage, defining the oceans economy through mobilising the existing programmes and opportunities. It provided a space for participates to learn and engage on critical areas of the Ocean Economy. 

Ms. Thantaswa Cici, spoke on the KZN Perspective of Oceans Economy and presented the KZN maritime industry vision. He said, “It is pertinent to position KZN to the world through efficient and sustainable utilisation of marine and maritime assets in order to stimulate economic growth and development.”

The webinar provided a platform for informative presentations and facilitated discussion sessions which enabled a deeper understanding on the concept of Oceans Economy webinar.

Download Presentations Below:


 Oceans Economy Webinar

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29/01/2021 11:48
Dr Magash Naidoo.pdf
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Nomalanga Sokhela .pdf
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