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The Informal Economy Support Programme Webinar
The Informal Economy Support Programme (IESP) is a specialized business support initiative, it reaches Micro and Informal Enterprises (MIEs) in eThekwini Municipality using cost cost-effective ways. It  aims to create jobs through customised business support interventions across the range of productive sectors.   

With this the Informal Economy Support Programme (IESP) together with the Jobs fund, eThekwini Municipality, Department of Small Business and the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) hosted a virtual online learning workshop webinar on the 2nd of December 2020.
Project Preparation Trust, Mark Misselhorn highlighted the long-term goals and outcomes. He said, "The IESP’s long term goal is to support more sustainable, inclusive growth and poverty reduction through more effective and accessible support for MIEs and the informal economy."

The virtual workshop had stakeholders from different organisations who shared their experiences on entrepreneurship and the MIE specialists (IESP team) shared their experiences working on the programme. 

Tamlynn Fleetwood, Independent Evaluator provided feedback on the independent evaluation. She stated the importance of the financial (Marketing and Branding) and non- financial (Investing in strengthening the skills of entrepreneurs and training needs to be ongoing to embed and enhance knowledge) support.

The Webinar aimed to provide understanding of the informal economy and exploring better ways of supporting and enabling the informal economy and micro and informal enterprises to reach their full potential. Participants also engaged with various stakeholders in facilitated group discussions on issues affecting enterprises in the informal economy.

At the end of the workshop, practitioners left having a better understanding and knowledge of the IESP Programme. 

Download Presentation below: 

 IESP Webinar Presentations

Dr Tamlynn Fleetwood.pdf
Esinam Global Business Services.pdf
Mark Misselhorn.pdf
Namu Hair Talk.pdf
Programme IESP Webinar.pdf
Tholiwe Ngidi .pdf

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