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Officials aim to improve Performance Monitoring in Local Government
The Auditor General, outcomes report identified performance monitoring or lack thereof, as one of the major challenges faced by municipalities in KZN. With this in mind, eThekwini Municipality‘s Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, the Kwazulu-Natal Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (KZN-COGTA), in partnership with MILE hosted a Master Class on Performance Monitoring from 31st October to 1 November 2018 at the Riverside Hotel in Durban.

The Master Class aimed to empower performance monitoring practitioners and IDP Managers to improve on institutional support for monitoring. With at least 40 municipalities in attendance, the Master Class provided a platform to enable practitioners to blend the critical aspects of building a successful Performance Monitoring System and how to practically reduce audit findings for performance information. 

During his welcome address, Cllr. Thabane Luthuli, Chair of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) provided leadership and strategic direction.  

“This session must remind all of us of our responsibilities as this unit. The welfare of thousands of residents of this city is in your hand. You need to raise red flags where your see the community is taken for a ride. You need to stand your ground and say not in our name. You must at all times strive for quality service delivery.  By so doing you would be helping our city to continue to towering above the rest on issues of development.” said Cllr. Luthuli. 

Ms Nirmala Govender, Head of EThekwini Municipality’s Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Unit in her presentation, alluded to the critical success factors in relation to performance monitoring and evaluation. 

KZN-COGTA and SALGA pledged their support for continued efforts executed by MILE to ensure that municipalities share knowledge, thus enabling life-long learning.

The Master Class arises at the backdrop of the proposed national treasury indicators, the back to basics programme as well as the general assessment of performance by the Auditor General.  

Over the years, MILE Master Classes have been an overwhelming success. MILE continues to create platforms to share insights, expertise, experiences and ideas. MILE supports COGTA’s mandate to capacitate municipalities and it’s aspiration of clean audits throughout KZN. 

Download Presentations Below:

​​Day 1


 Day 1.1-Performance Monitoring 2018

Day 1.1-An Overview of PM System - EThewkini Municipality.pdf
31/10/2018 14:06


 Day 1.2-uMhlathuze-Performance Monitoring 2018

Day 1.2-uMhlathuzeuMhlathuze Organisational Performance Management.pdf
31/10/2018 14:12
uMhlathuze OPMS Framework and Policy review May 2016.pdf
31/10/2018 14:09
uMhlathuze SOP.pdf
31/10/2018 14:11

 Day 1.3-IDP Linkage to Performance Monitoring

Day 1.3-IDP Linkage to Performance Monitoring.pdf
31/10/2018 14:20

 Day 1.4-Proposed National Treasury Indicators

01.MFMA Circular No. 88 - 30 November 2017.pdf
31/10/2018 14:26
02.Appendix A - Consolidated indicator overview - 30 Nov 20.pdf
31/10/2018 14:27
03. Appendix B - Consolidated Technical Indicator Descriptions - 05 Dec 2017.xls
31/10/2018 14:25
04. Appendix C - SDBIP Planning template 2018-19 - 30 Nov 2017.xls
31/10/2018 14:26
05. Appendix D - SDBIP Reporting template 2018-19 - 30 Nov 2017.xls
31/10/2018 14:27
Circular 88 FAQs Draft v2 10 April 2018.pdf
31/10/2018 14:27
Day 1.4-Proposed National Treasury Indicators - Back to Basics Presentation.pdf
31/10/2018 14:19

 Day 1.5-Assessement of Service Providers Performance Presentation

Approved SCM Policy 2017 for the City.pdf
31/10/2018 14:30
Assessement of Service Providers Performance.pdf
31/10/2018 14:30
Service Provider Performance Assessment Form_2016.docx
31/10/2018 14:30
Day 2


 Executive Individual Performance Managment Overview and Practice

1718 Score sheet_non-S57_with MTR.pdf
02/11/2018 09:39
1718 Score sheet_S57_with MTR.pdf
02/11/2018 09:40
1819 Draft IPP.xls
02/11/2018 09:40
02/11/2018 09:43
Compulsory KPIs 1819.pdf
02/11/2018 09:43
Day 2.1-Executive Individual Performance Management - Overview and Practice Presentation.pdf
02/11/2018 09:43
IDP Matrix 1819.pdf
02/11/2018 09:43

 Organisational Performance

1819 SDBIP .xls
02/11/2018 09:45
Day 2.2-An Overview of the Organisational Performance Monitoring System Presentation.pdf
02/11/2018 09:48
Evidence-FW august SOUTH SCHOOL VISITS.msg
02/11/2018 09:45
Example of the second project plan for the presentation.xlsx
02/11/2018 09:46
KPI Definition for Refuse removal.xlsx
02/11/2018 09:44
Plan 4 SDBIP for MILE activity.xlsx
02/11/2018 09:46
Project Plan for MILE Activity.xlsx
02/11/2018 09:47
Project Plan for Refuse Removal.xlsx
02/11/2018 09:45

 Quality Assurance of OPMS

2017 18 - Q4 - CSC- DRAFT to PC1.xlsx
02/11/2018 09:48
FY17 18 EPM Evidence_10.07.18.xlsx
02/11/2018 09:49
Monitoring and Oversight report (HLR).docx
02/11/2018 09:49
Quality Assurance for OPMS Presentation.pdf
02/11/2018 09:49
Scan_3 .K Pims.pdf
02/11/2018 09:50
Signed Summary.pdf
02/11/2018 09:50

 Internal Audit

A Performance Audit Committee Perspective.pdf
02/11/2018 09:51
Internal Auditing of Performance .pdf
02/11/2018 09:52
National Treasury Circular C88.pdf
09/11/2018 08:29
​​Day 3

 Local Government Management Improvement Model And Records Management

Local Governement Management Improvement Model.pdf
02/11/2018 09:57
Performance Management Master Class Learning Notes.pdf
04/03/2019 13:09
Registry and Records Management.pdf
09/11/2018 08:25

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