The start up funding for MILE has been provided by eThekwini Municipality.

The MILE programme is focused​ on Knowledge Management, and there are potential funders both nationally and internationally willing to promote initiatives of this nature. eThekwini Municipality has been recognised as one of the best-managed municipalities and is renowned for its excellent financial management control. It continues to receive internal and external funding, and most notable is the R350 million it received from the European Commission for the Area Based Management (ABM) Development Programme, piloted over the period July 2003 to June 2009.

It is envisaged that funding would be sourced from the private and public sectors nationally and internationally as MILE’s focus accords with the private sector’s corporate social responsibility function as well as public sector’s responsibility for service delivery and good governance.

Submissions in response to call for proposals as well as cold canvassing is being undertaken to secure much-needed funding for a sustainable MILE programme. Potential funders or sponsors can contact the MILE offices to obtain a detailed presentation from the MILE team, and to learn more about MILE.  Due recognition will be given to all funders & sponsors by coverage on this page. ​