BRICS 26-29 November 2013


 BRICS 2013

eThekwini Municipality .pdf
11/29/2013 11:47 AM
11/29/2013 11:48 AM
NYDA Presentation on Impact of Urbanisation on the Youth.pdf
11/29/2013 11:46 AM
PROGRAMME 26-29 NOV 13.pdf
11/29/2013 11:39 AM
RIO DE JANEIRO-BRAZIL Informal Settlements Program.pdf
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SUMMARY OF KEY ISSUES  Extraction of Main Themes.pdf
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Thematic Reports-Thursday.pdf
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Low Cost Housing Solar Water Heating Workshop

eThekwini-SWH-Lessons Learned 2012.pdfeThekwini-SWH-Lessons Learned 20124294 KB
General rebate status update _Feb 2012_final.pdfGeneral rebate status update _Feb 2012_final87 KB
KSEF_Way_forward.pdfKSEF_Way_forward782 KB
KSEF_what_is_a_SWH.pdfKSEF_what_is_a_SWH10402 KB
Low Cost Solar Water Heating Workshop- Learning Note.pdfLow Cost Solar Water Heating Workshop- Learning Note1901 KB
Summary of Questionnaire findings.pdfSummary of Questionnaire findings547 KB
SWH_Programme_Lessons_learnt.pdfSWH_Programme_Lessons_learnt4099 KB
SWH_Programme_Overview_KZN_020312.pdfSWH_Programme_Overview_KZN_0203122648 KB

CIFAL Master Class - Train the Trainer

CIFAL Master Class-Train the Trainer Learning Notes.pdfCIFAL Master Class-Train the Trainer Learning Notes758 KB

Water and Sanitation Master Class

Water and Sanitation Master Class Learning Notes.pdfWater and Sanitation Master Class Learning Notes646 KB

Mind the Gap - Management Seminar

Graeme-Codrington-CV.pdfGraeme-Codrington-CV153 KB
Mind The Gap - Learning Note.pdfMind The Gap - Learning Note355 KB
Mind-the-Gap.pdfMind-the-Gap660 KB
Mind-the-Gap-Presentation.pdfMind-the-Gap-Presentation715 KB

UCLG Newsletters

English UCLG Newsletter.pdfEnglish UCLG Newsletter84 KB
French UCLG Newsletter.pdfFrench UCLG Newsletter87 KB

Inaugural Built Environment Seminar - 22 June 2011

BE Seminar Inauguration-City Manager.pptBE Seminar Inauguration-City Manager662 KB
Built Environment Seminar-Learning Note.pdfBuilt Environment Seminar-Learning Note419 KB
Reshaping Cities -Prof.Turok.pptReshaping Cities -Prof.Turok1626 KB

UCLG Strategic Planning Learning Exchange - June 2011

Draft Learning Note-Day one.docDraft Learning Note-Day one431 KB
Draft Learning Note-Day two.docDraft Learning Note-Day two428 KB
eThekwini Municipality Mayor's Speech.pdfeThekwini Municipality Mayor's Speech165 KB
Mentorship.pptMentorship114 KB
Theme five - Dakar on global development fund (UCLG Metropolis.pptTheme five - Dakar on global development fund (UCLG Metropolis1382 KB
Theme five - South Africa.pptxTheme five - South Africa7797 KB
Theme five - Worldbank.pptxTheme five - Worldbank79 KB
Theme four - Belo Horizonte.pptxTheme four - Belo Horizonte9629 KB
Theme four - City of Douala.pptTheme four - City of Douala5754 KB
Theme four - Ille De France.pptTheme four - Ille De France1167 KB
Theme four - Lagos.pptTheme four - Lagos12920 KB
Theme four - Moscow.pptTheme four - Moscow16521 KB
Theme one-Bergen-Climate Change.pptTheme one-Bergen-Climate Change20588 KB
Theme one-Capetown-Enviromental Strategy.pptTheme one-Capetown-Enviromental Strategy1158 KB
Theme one-Keynote-UCLG-Vice President.pptxTheme one-Keynote-UCLG-Vice President22896 KB
Theme three - Johannesburg.pptTheme three - Johannesburg750 KB
Theme three - Open Cities.pptTheme three - Open Cities1187 KB
Theme three - Salvador,Brazil.pptTheme three - Salvador,Brazil33162 KB
Theme two -Sao Paulo State.pptTheme two -Sao Paulo State34123 KB
Theme two-Blantyre.pptTheme two-Blantyre6501 KB
Theme two-Ciudad Sur (Chile).pptTheme two-Ciudad Sur (Chile)3414 KB
Theme two-SALGA.pptxTheme two-SALGA299 KB
UCLG AND MILE - International  Learning Exchange - Durban -June 2011.xlsUCLG AND MILE - International Learning Exchange - Durban -June 2011117 KB

Ekurhuleni Municipality - Learning Exchange - Learning Note

Ekurhuleni Municipality- Learning Exchange- Learning Note.pdfEkurhuleni Municipality- Learning Exchange- Learning Note599 KB

Solid Waste Management - Master Class - Learning Note

Solid Waste Management Master Class-Learning Note.pdfSolid Waste Management Master Class-Learning Note519 KB

Managment Seminar - Green Economy

Green Economy Learning Note.pdfGreen Economy Learning Note411 KB

Managment Seminar - Crucial Conversation

There are no items to show in this view of the "Management Seminar- Crucial Conversation" document library.

Management Seminar - "Just how do we create those jobs?"

Employment Guarantee.pdfEmployment Guarantee1069 KB
The NGP and Local Government Economic Planning and Coordination.pptThe NGP and Local Government Economic Planning and Coordination958 KB

Durban Peer Exchange 21-24 February 2011 - Presentations

Dakar Cheikh Gueye.pdfDakar Cheikh Gueye730 KB
Dakar Housing English Translation.pdfDakar Housing English Translation769 KB
Dakar Housing French Translation.pdfDakar Housing French Translation985 KB
Dakar Waste Management.pdfDakar Waste Management7932 KB
Dar es Salaam  Open Forum Morgen Zivhave.pdfDar es Salaam Open Forum Morgen Zivhave2056 KB
Dar es Salaam Planning 1.pdfDar es Salaam Planning 1256 KB
Dar es Salaam Planning 2.pdfDar es Salaam Planning 28787 KB
Dar es Salaam Urban Agriculture.pdfDar es Salaam Urban Agriculture9352 KB
Dar es Salaam Waste Management.pdfDar es Salaam Waste Management472 KB
Durban Business Support.pdfDurban Business Support1132 KB
Durban Cardboard Recycling Project.pdfDurban Cardboard Recycling Project1869 KB
Durban Cato Manor Context.pdfDurban Cato Manor Context681 KB
Durban Housing.pdfDurban Housing3640 KB
Durban Open Forum Bev Ainslie.pdfDurban Open Forum Bev Ainslie4121 KB
Durban Open Forum Enver Buckas.pdfDurban Open Forum Enver Buckas4989 KB
Durban Planning.pdfDurban Planning1731 KB
Durban Waste Management 1.pdfDurban Waste Management 18942 KB
Durban Waste Management 2.pdfDurban Waste Management 21275 KB
Namibia Formalisation  of Informal Settlements.pdfNamibia Formalisation of Informal Settlements6365 KB

Durban Peer Exchange 2011 - Learning Note

Durban Peer Exchange 2011 Learning Note.pdfDurban Peer Exchange 2011 Learning Note810 KB